4-on-3 Box Passing Fast Break Drill to Goal

Combine two classic drills into one fast-paced game-situation drill. Practice stick skills, defensive communication and positioning, Fast Breaks and shooting, all at the same time!

We saw some discussion about Box Passing Drills pop up on social media the last few weeks. This combo drill introduces simple stick skills and basic defensive principles before turning it into a scoring opportunity, like your players will see in games.

The 4-on-3 Fast Break happens multiple times in every lacrosse game, especially with youth and beginners. With three Attackmen in your offensive end, plus one Midfielder with the ball (3+1=4), against the three (3) Defenders, the 4-on-3 situation is what you get. Make sure your team can cash in on these extra scoring opportunities on Offense, and shut down this common game situation on Defense.

This 4-on-3 Box Passing Drill has been around for forever. The same with different variations of 4-on-3 Fast Break Drills. These classic drills teach your Defenders how to move and rotate as the ball moves. They are also great for working on passing and catching for your offensive players.

Maximize Repetitions to Build Muscle Memory! Use this drill with beginners, all the way up to college players. Keep the reps and the drill moving! Make sure your players get plenty of chances on both sides of the ball!


4 on 3 box passing fast break drill to goal

Figure 1.) Set up four cones in a box up top between the Restrainer and Midfield line. If you don't have lines on your practice field, anywhere up top about 40-50 yards from the goal is fine. Put one offensive player behind each of the four cones. Put three Defenders inside the box in a triangle shape.

The cones should be roughly 10 to 15 yards apart from each other. You can shrink the distance if necessary, depending on your players’ stick skills.

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  • Fireball! Throw in a new loose ball if there's a bad pass or shot out of bounds to keep the drill going with the same players.
  • Sticks up in the Passing Lane! The first rule of Defense is "Sticks up" to knock down any passes that come your way.
  • Communicate! The Defense should be calling out "Ball!" "Left!" and "Right!" every time the ball moves. Be Loud.