box lacrosse pick roll shooting practice drill

Box Lacrosse Pick & Roll Shooting Drill

This is a great pregame warm-up shooting drill we got from some of our Canadian college players. They use it in Box Lacrosse, and our Field Lacrosse players are loving it too!

Unless you grow up playing Box Lacrosse, the Pick & Roll can seem like a strange concept for most beginning lacrosse players. It takes time at practice to get players at almost any level to really wait for the Picks to be set before cutting for the ball.

This is a simple shooting drill you can use any day at practice. Use it with your indoor Box Lacrosse or outdoor Field Lacrosse team. It's a great way to teach players at any level to use the Off-Ball Pick to get open, and most importantly, to "Roll" and look for the ball after setting the Pick.

Give all your players tons of shots and tons of reps setting Picks, Rolling, Cutting, Feeding, everything!

Make sure you do this drill WITHOUT  a Goalie, since there will be tons of shots coming at him. Field Lacrosse Goalies don't wear the same amount of padding that Box Lacrosse Goalies wear.


Start your players in four lines- one on each side of the goal on Goal Line Extended (GLE) and two lines up top inside the corners of the box. Put balls at each all four lines.

Put your righties on the right side and lefties on the left side (when looking out from the Goal).

box lacrosse pick roll shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Blue 2 sets an "Up Pick" for Blue 1. Blue 2 will cut hard into the middle of the field like he's trying to get open, then come up field to set a Pick on the imaginary Defender's back side, so the Defender doesn't see it coming.

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