Lax Lingo: “Robbie!”- Roll Back Away From Pressure

The "Roll Back" is a move every lacrosse player will use multiple times every game. Make sure all your players know this critical skill to get out of trouble and keep possession of the ball!

We watched Notre Dame practice tons of Split Dodges and "Roll Backs" this spring before their game against Team USA. This is one of the first skills top coaches teach to players handling the ball. Every clinic and camp we've been to teaches players to Dodge, "Draw!" the Defense, then "Roll Back!", outside away from pressure.


Notre Dame calls this "Robbie!" It's a little shorter and quicker to say than "Roll Back!" Other coaches call it "Escape!". Call it whatever you want with your team. Just make sure your players know exactly what move they need to do when they hear this call.


Attackmen and Midfielders need this move to get their hands free to pass or shoot without risking turning the ball over. Turning outside, away from pressure when the Double-Team comes keeps the stick outside the body, away from Defenders and Stick Checks.

Here's Syracuse Walk-On Midfielder Sergio Salcido using the "Robbie!" to find Brendan Bomberry for the game-winning goal in overtime against Johns Hopkins earlier this season:


clear redirect over pass

Defenders need this move when they "Draw!" the Riding Attack to one side of the field. Use the "Robbie!", then throw the long "Over!" pass to the open man on the other side of the field.


lax lingo robbie roll back pressure individual skill

Every player needs this move when they pick up loose balls and have too much traffic in front of them. "Robbie!" away from pressure and move the ball to an open teammate right away.

Once you start using this call with your players in practice and in games, you will be amazed how often you will see it. And we're confident you'll see your team start to cut out costly turnovers!