youth lacrosse body defense before stick checks

1-on-1 Defend the Cone Drill

This Dodging and Defense Drill is a quick and easy way to teach all your players good body defense and how to initiate contact when they dodge! All your players can go at the same time, so everybody gets hard work!

We love Defense! Especially good fundamental Body Defense, using the feet, hips and hands. Stick Checks come last.

We love this drill because it's so similar to the good ol' fashioned Bucket Game that we use at all our camps. This Defend the Cone drill allows all your players to go at the same time, plus it gives them the added challenge of hanging on to the ball while they Dodge against a Defender.

You can do this drill any day at practice to teach all your players how to play good Defense, not just your "Defenders". Of course your midfielders need to play good defense. Your Attackmen also need to be able to play good body defense when they Ride. Remember, developing well-rounded athletes is one of the most important things you do as a coach!


1 on 1 defend the cone dodging defense practice drill

Figure 1.) Space out all your players in pairs. Each pair needs a cone and a ball.

One player in each pair will start as the Attacker, the other as the Defender.

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  • Keep Score for all your practice games and drills! Each time the Attacker touches the cone during their 30 seconds, count it as one point. See who has the top score after two or three rounds!
  • Change partners after each round! Have your players practice Dodging and Defending against different teammates each time.


Make sure to tell us if you start to see better Body Defense out of your players after using this drill at practice!

Defense! Defense! Defense!