1 v 1 v 1 ground ball practice drill three variations

1v1v1 Ground Ball Drill & Variations

Turn your ground ball drills into competitive game situations at practice with this classic drill that mixes in stick skills, a little conditioning, and lots of fun!

We're using this great, simple drill with all our boys' and girls' teams in Fall Ball right now. It's a little twist on the old 2-on-1 Man/Ball Drill that probably everybody did on their first day of lacrosse practice ever. It's fast, it's tons of fun, it keeps all your players moving. Everyone in the drill is competing for the ball, and everyone gets a chance to scoop and pass. You can do it any day at practice, with any number of players.

This is also a great drill to fix all those dreaded Loose-Ball Pushes, and reinforce proper approach and lift techniques!


Every good Lacrosse Coach knows that. Ground Balls equal more possessions and scoring chances for you, and less for the other guys. Plus, with younger and inexperienced players, the ball is going to be on the ground A LOT. So you better spend extra practice time on how to win those critical loose balls, AND what to do with the ball after!


"Scoop it, and Move it!" is a hard, non-negotiable rule for many top coaches. Ground balls attract extra players and attention, and change the spacing of everyone else on the field. Always move loose balls away from trouble to a safe stick. This drill is great for imitating game situations and spacing, and reinforces your team ground ball principles. We are lovin' it!


1v1v1 ground ball practice drill variations

Figure 1.) Start your players in three lines facing the same direction. You can do this anywhere on the field- from the Midfield Line, Side Line, or End Line. Put the lines close together so all three players have a chance to get the ball. Tight spaces make things a little more difficult and competitive.

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