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2-on-1 Cross-Over Drill

This is a very simple drill that we picked up from training camp for one of the NLL teams last year. This great 2-on-1 drill works on ball movement, attacking the goal, and defensive footwork all at the same time. We thought it was so great and so simple, if the Pros are doing it, you probably should be too. We have even seen some youth teams using it in their pre-game warm ups.

The Pros really know how to draw the Defense and move the ball quickly. The big guys were getting a rep in about every 10 seconds. You might need more like 20-30 seconds per rep for youth or beginning players to really work this 2-on-1 to the goal.


You can start this drill with a ground ball or a pass. Put one line of Defenders up top outside the box and two lines of Attackers on either side of the goalie behind Goal Line Extended (GLE).

2 on 1 cross over basic setup offense low defense high

Figure 1.) Defender Red 1 starts with the ball up top. He will pass to one of the Attackers (Blue 1 or 2). He should then drop into the "Hole" to cover the middle of the field, in front of the goal. This will teach your players to get back and play Defense "from inside out." Get in between the ball and the goal first.

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  • Play this same drill with 3-on-2. Just add in another Attacker down low to play Crease and another Defender up top.
  • "Flip, Pass, Pass" Drill: Try this new passing drill we just learned for more help teaching your players "Ball Reversals".
  • 2-on-1 Man/Ball Drill to Goal: This Classic Drill is great for working on ground balls and game situations at the same time.

Try it out at your next practice and let us know how it goes!