2 on 1 ground ball to 3 on 2 practice drill

2-on-1 Ground Ball to 3-on-2 Drill

We are having tons of fun right now with this combination loose ball drill that turns the classic "Man-Ball Drill" into more complex numbers-advantage game situations to the goal!


Ground Balls Win Games. Every good lacrosse coach knows that. The classic 2-on-1 "Man/Ball" Ground Ball Drill is one of the very first drills we ever learned! Except it's a little outdated. We know more coaches now that teach their players "Ball-Man", or even "Ball-Ball". Everybody should be going for the ball, not big hits!

This is just a very slight variation on this great 1-on-1 Ground Ball to 3-on-2 Drill, but the variation changes everything. In addition to battling for Ground Balls, it includes an element of Slide and Recovery Team Defense that your team needs to practice for 6-on-6 settled situations.


This is an easy drill to move around the field to teach your players to win Loose Balls and attack the Goal quickly! You can start this drill in front of the goal, on the sideline, facing the sideline, midfield line, end line, on either side of the Crease facing out, behind the goal, anywhere! Changing locations on the field changes everything that happens after that!


These numbers advantage situations don't last very long in games. One absolutely non-negotiable rule that we learned from some top NCAA coaches a few years ago is ALWAYS pass after picking up a Ground Ball. Moving the ball away from trouble and into a Safe Stick has paid off for us big time in games!


2 on 1 ground ball to 3 on 2 practice drill

Figure 1.) Start three players in a tight group at or near the top of the box. The player in the middle (Red 1) will be the lone Defender in the 2-on-1. This is a very common way to start these types of drills. Start one Attacker (Blue) and one Defender (Red) on the Crease, much like you would in a game.

Coach will throw out a loose ball to start the drill. You can throw the ball in front or to the side of this group of three. You can start your players standing, sitting, in push up position, laying down on their fronts or on their backs, facing forwards or backwards. There are so many different ways you can start your drills. Each variation requires them to get up, look around, and react differently!

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