lacrosse loose ball 2-on-1 to 3-on-3 build up practice drill

2-on-1 to 3-on-3 Triple Rep Drill

Give all your players three times the action in both numbers-advantage and even-strength small-sided game situations with this simple, fast, and fun build-up practice drill!

Many players struggle with "Situational Awareness".

You probably see it all the time. Players dodging or holding the ball when there's an open teammate. Forcing a pass to a teammate that's covered. It can be very difficult for beginning players to recognize and understand different situations in practice and in games, especially when the situation changes very quickly. This drill can really help with that exact problem!

3-on-2 Small-Sided Games are perfect for most players.

6-on-6 is very complex and chaotic for younger and beginning players. Instead, we spend a ton of time on 3-on-2 drills and games. Tons! 2-on-1 situations can often be too easy for intermediate and experienced players (but still useful!). 4-on-3 and 5-on-4 drills are often too hard, even for high school and college teams. 3-on-2 drills like 3x Half-Field, the Thompson Brothers' "Speed Lacrosse", and any kind of West Genny drill really are perfect for most players' to learn and apply whatever skill you want to work on.

This drill starts one step below, and goes one step above this perfect 3-on-2 "sweet spot", which is why we love it. Your players get three reps in one. It's fast, it's fun, and also very challenging. Plus, three reps in a row has some secret conditioning built in. Your players will love battling this one out!

Here's the Drill:

2 on 1 to 3 on 2 build up practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in three lines up top- two Offense (Blue) and one Defense (Red). Coach will throw out a loose ball to start the drill. The first player in each line will battle 2-on-1 for the loose ball, just like the classic 2-on-1 Man/Ball Drill.

(Hint: We start almost all our drills with a contested ground ball.)

2 on 1 to 3 on 2 build up practice drill

Figure 2.) You can start this drill from anywhere. We like to start many of our drills from the sidelines or endlines. Or you can put your first three players with a foot on the Crease line, so they have to play the drill "from Inside-Out". They can start sitting, laying down, or in push up position. There are so many options and locations where you can start your drills. Be creative!

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