3 1 2 alley dodge lacrosse offense play

3-1-2 Alley Dodge

This is a simple play we see college and pro players using all the time that you can also run with your youth or high school team to keep things simple and give your players room to Dodge!

The Alley Dodge is a standard part of attack for any Offense. Most Defenders are trained to send the Dodger down the Alley, so it's a great location on the field to Dodge and shoot on the run. We grew up watching Kyle Harrison Split Dodge down the Alley and Shoot on the run for years. He's still doing it!

We like using the 3-1-2 or "3-3" Formation with youth players better than the 2-3-1. It reduces some of the complicated rotations of the classic 2-3-1 Motion Offense that can confuse younger and beginning players. Plus it helps keep all six of your players in front of the goal in shooting position, instead of getting one guy stuck behind the goal at "X".

The 3-1-2 Formation also gives your players plenty of room to Dodge! With three (3) midfielders up top in an "Umbrella" shape, one can use the whole top of the box, and one can have each side to work with. We think it gives your players more room to work against their Defenders. Two Attackman are down low along Goal Line Extended (GLE) for easy lay-ups if/when the Defense Slides up to stop the ball.


3 1 2 alley dodge lacrosse offense play

Figure 1.) "Pass, Pass, Dodge!" Blue 3 starts the ball on one side of the "Umbrella", then passes it over to Blue 1 on the other side to start the Dodge.

How do you know when it's a "Good Time!" to start your Offense? Draw the Defense to one side of the field, pass, pass, then attack the other side of the field where there is more space.

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  • Make sure all your players understand how to "Draw and Dump" on Offense. Let the ball do the work! Don't let your players dodge through double- and triple-teams and risk turning the ball over.
  • How do you know when is a "Good Time" to start this play? We like to run this play once we've moved the ball from one side of the field to the other, left-to-right or right-to-left. Draw the Defense to one side of the field, then attack the back side where there is space to dodge.
  • Run this same play down the Left Side of the field! Let your right-handed players run this same play down the other side of the field. A right-handed shot from the left-side gives your players a better shot with a better shooting angle with their sticks inside, in front of the goal.
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