3 on 2 sideways west genesee lacrosse practice drill

3-on-2 “Sideways” West Gennies Practice Drill

We've heard a lot of talk lately about this great variation of the classic "West Gennies" Drill. It's a fun, fast, easy drill that every coach needs to know!

West Gennies (pronounced "Jennies") have been used by coaches for decades. Named for the famous West Genesee high school, 15-time NY State Champions, it's one of the best practice drills of all time. We still see top teams in the NCAA using them today. We use this drill with youth, high school and college players all the time. Everybody loves it. We use them with our girls teams too.

This practice game is all about working the numbers advantage to the goal quickly! It includes a little bit of everything- passing, shooting, cutting, defense, Man-Up, Man-Down, everything! With fewer players on the field in 3-on-2 situations, you give all your players more space to move and more chances to touch the ball, plus teach them to communicate.

If 3-on-2 is sometimes too difficult for your beginning players, try this easy "Michigan" Sideways 2-on-1 to 2-on-2 Ground Ball Drill. Works for Box and Field teams!

This "Sideways" Variation uses only one goal. All the reps are fast and furious. If you want to include transition and conditioning aspects, try the "Original" West Genesee Drill, or the classic version with this "Chaser" variation that we got from World Champion coach Matt Brown.

You can find all our different West Gennies Variations in one place here.


3 on 2 west gennie lacrosse practice drill

Figure 1.) Split up your players into two teams. Each team will start in three lines on either side of the field, by the sideline or outside the Goal Area Box.

Place a Coach with plenty of balls up top in the middle, also outside the Box.

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