7 on 6 defense double team play

7-on-6 Defense Double Team at “X”

Use this college play when you're behind in the fourth quarter. Your Defense has to create turn overs and get the ball back if your offense is going to have a chance to score!

The first few weeks of the 2017 NCAA season were really exciting. There have been close games every weekend, and top college teams have already used this play in several games we've seen.

As a youth or high school coach, you will be behind at some point in games. Make time to practice this "Situational" play with your teams so they understand how it works before you find yourself in this exact same situation in games.

Practice keeping possession under pressure and conditioning! While your Defense practices how to "Lock Off!" and "Double!", your Offense is learning how to hold and move the ball away from pressure. Plus, all your players get good work dodging, defending, cutting, and sprinting!


7 on 6 defense goalie double team x play

Figure 1.) Start this play any time the ball moves to "X". You don't want to try a Double Team with the ball in front of the goal, where a player can suddenly shoot. Matt Rambo and Colin Heacock (MD) made it very hard for Yale to get the ball back this weekend because they always stayed up high, in front of the goal.

Communicate! This has to be a quick, coordinated effort, so make sure your players know the Double is about to go to the ball when it goes behind the goal. This means leaving the goal open, so everybody has to do their part.

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