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9 Triangle Passing Drills Every Youth Lacrosse Coach Should Know

Triangle Passing Drills are great for lacrosse players at any level. Some of the most fundamental drills for basic stick skills, coaches can use these in practices, camps, clinics, even pregame warm-ups to teach everything from picking up ground balls to backdoor cuts.

Lacrosse is built around the triangle. Almost all beginning Attackmen, Midfielders, and Defensive units learn to work within triangle formations at first. In traditional settled 6-on-6 offense, two triangles usually rotate in opposite directions to each other. The Defense usually sets up in a triangle shape to defend against the 4-on-3 Fast Break.

Start any practice with a few of these 9 Triangle Passing Drills below. These drills all imitate game situations. You will also help your players develop good footwork, athletic conditioning, and muscle memory for passing, catching, and picking up ground balls on the run. No standing still.

The Passing and Catching drills are listed here from easiest to more difficult. Feel free to mix and combine them as needed by your team.


triangle passing drill v cut to get open

1. The Basic Triangle

This is a great drill to transition your players from basic stick-work to catching and throwing on the run. Use this basic drill to teach spacing, switching hands, and other simple skills.

triangle passing drill ground balls

2. The Roll Away

Use this simple variation to teach your players to roll away from defenders, turn outside to protect their sticks, and move their feet to get their hands free to pass.

triangle passing drill ground balls

3. Ground Balls

Get your players picking up ground balls and throwing accurate passes at lightning speed.

Remember- Ground balls win games.

triangle passing down the line

4. Down the Line

Catching and throwing on the run is critical for every lacrosse player. This drill will get players moving their feet without the ball, leading their passes, and catching and throwing out in front, all while running at full speed.

over the shoulder catch

5. Over-the-Shoulder

Use this variation to help your players position their bodies and sticks to catch and throw on-the-run without losing a step. From Fast Breaks to Clears to broken plays in the middle of the field, a good over-the-shoulder pass can change the momentum of a game and give your team extra scoring chances.

triangle passing drill backdoor cuts

6. Backdoor Cuts

Backdoor cuts and V-cuts are two of the easiest ways to get open. Teach your players to create goal-scoring opportunities from anywhere on the field.

triangle passing drill give and go

7. Give-and-Go's

Quick passes lead to quick goals. Teach your players to pass and move! Slip behind the Defense and create extra scoring chances with this fast-paced variation. Your players get double the amount of passess and catches in this drill.

triangle passing drill split dodge

8. Split Dodge

One of the most basic dodges in lacrosse, the Split Dodge can be added to any of these variations to imitate game situations and get past your Defender. Make sure you practice your moves. The more reps, the better!

triangle passing drill roll dodge

9. Roll Dodge

Another basic dodge that every player needs to practice, this drill is all about footwork and stick protection. Take your Defender one direction, then shake him off, and roll back the other way.

At its core, each of these drills are about helping your players practice game situations. By using these drills in practice, you'll not only see improvements in stick skills--you'll also see help them with their sense of field awareness and spacing.

If you have any creative variations of your own, share them with us!