albany over cone pregame shooting practice drill

Albany Over the Cone Pregame Shooting Drill

We saw Albany using this simple cut, catch and shoot drill before games last season, and we loved it! Super simple, super fast, and super fun. Give it a try in your early season practices.

"Give One, Get One" Shooting Drills:

This is a variation of other shooting drills we use all the time that has all your players passing ("Give one") and Catching ("Get one") before they shoot. We like this one because it forces your players to RUN! Something they will be doing during the game.

This is a great drill to practice Shot Fakes. The best coaches we know are teaching even their youngest players to throw Pass and Shot Fakes to move Defender and Goalies out of the way!

Maximize touches and combine multiple skills in your drills!

College coaches are experts at making things realistic and keeping them simple at the same time. This drill combines passing, running, catching, and shooting all in one drill. Plus, it keeps all your players moving their feet and moving the ball at all times. It's a rapid-fire drill that doesn't leave anybody standing.

Protect your Goalies in practice and before games!

Do this drill without a goalie. Your players will be shooting rapid fire, on-the-run. This is a good time to give your Goalies some individual attention off to the side. If you use drill this before games, your Goalies and Defenders are usually practicing their Clearing Passes while the offense is shooting.


albany over cone pregame shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in two lines on either side of the Goal along Goal Line Extended (GLE). Every player in each line needs a ball, except for the first player on one side (Blue 1 here.)

Make sure both lines have plenty of balls to keep the drill moving! The drill doesn't stop if your players miss the pass, and it shouldn't stop because your players run out of balls after just one rep.

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