box lacrosse practice drill

Box 4-on-3 to 3-on-2 Double Break Drill

Our Box players love this great NLL double numbers-advantage transition drill! Everybody plays Offense and Defense in two different scoring situations, plus some conditioning with two full field/floor sprints!


We were very fortunate to spend lots of time last month working with some NLL and NCAA players and coaches. And what did they spend more than half their time on? Numbers-Advantage Situations!! The 2-on-1 situation is the building block for almost all Team Sports, and they happen dozens and dozens of times every game!

You can make this drill easier or harder, depending on the age or experience level of your players. Make it a 3-on-2 to 2-on-1 drill for beginners, or a 5-on-4 to 4-on-3 drill for more advanced players, especially for field teams. Just make sure everybody gets the chance to play both Offense and Defense in both numbers-advantage situations.


It's Box season for most of us right now, but we use this drill with our field teams too. The structure of box lacrosse is great for faster skill acquisition and lacrosse IQ. Small-sided game situations and tighter spaces, smaller goals and bigger goalies all require better stick skills and faster decision making.


Competitive Opportunity is the amount of time each player is directly involved in the play. In Box Lacrosse or any other small-sided game or drill, it gets exponentially higher. Everybody plays offense and defense, and with three, four or five players on the floor, everybody has to be involved in the play.


box lacrosse 4 on 3 to 3 on 2 double break practice drill

Figure 1.) Split your players into two teams. Make four (4) lines of the first team on Offense (Blue) and three (3) lines of Defenders (Red) at or behind the Goal Line.

Make sure you have plenty of balls ready in the Goals or with a Coach to keep the drill moving! Keep all your players busy and moving as much as possible, not standing in line waiting!

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Start the next group, and keep the drill moving! Make sure all your players go to different lines, and get the chance to play both Offense and Defense in both the 4-on-3 and 3-on-2 situations.

Keep up the intensity at practice by Keeping Time and Keeping Score for all your plays and drills!

Have fun with this one with your Box and Field teams and let us know how it goes!