box lacrosse practice drill 2 on 1 continuous

Box “West Gennies” Continuous 2-on-1 Drill

This classic pregame, practice, and try out Box Lacrosse drill works great with your field teams too! We use it with our youth and high school box teams to get tons of reps in super simple transition numbers-advantage scoring game situations!


We're in the middle of our Box season, and just starting Field season right now, so we get to spend tons of time on the floor and field with our players and teams. This drill works just as well outside as it does inside. It's fast, it's fun, everybody plays every position, there are stick skills, conditioning, game situations, everything! So we can run it as part of any practice, any day.


This is a classic drill for Box teams in Canada and around the world. They use it all the time in try-outs and practice. We are calling this a West Genny drill because the last player to touch the ball has to go out, which creates the Offense-to-Defense numbers-advantage transition situation that all West Genny drills are based on. Plus, with Box Goalies and Goals, a 2-on-1 scoring situation is not "too easy".


The 2-on-1 is the basic building block of almost every team sport! It's the most important concept we focus on with all our teams at every level. Offense, Defense, Clearing, Riding, Man-Up, Man-Down, everything is a series of different 2-on-1's. And this drill drills right down to it (pardon the pun). It doesn't get any simpler than running continuous 2-on-1's back and forth between two goals. Plus, these are the exact same transition situations your players will see in games!


Split up your team into two squads. Each squad will attack the opposite goal. Make two lines for each squad, one on each side of the floor or field.

Have plenty of balls ready in both goals or with a coach to keep the drill moving!

box lacrosse 2 on 1 practice drill continuous

Figure 1.) Start with one Defender (Blue 1) in the middle. The first two Red Attackers (Red 1 and 2) will get an outlet pass from their Goalie or Coach, and attack the Blue goal. This your first 2-on-1 situation. Attack the goal quickly. These numbers-advantage scoring situations don't last very long in games!

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Keep the drill and your players moving! Keep up the intensity and competitiveness in your practices by keeping time and keeping score in this drill. Our players love running 10 minutes of full floor sprints when we play this game! By the time we finish it, everyone is always exhausted and happy! Let us know how it goes for your team.