Box Lacrosse 1-on-1 Defense “Approach!” Dodging Drill

Use this super easy, super fast drill with your indoor and outdoor teams to practice Dodging, Defense, Stick Skills and Scoring!

We Love Box Lacrosse! Fall Ball is over. Some of us have been in the Box with our teams for a month already. Our players love going down to 5-on-5 where everybody gets to play Offense and Defense. Every player is involved in every play. Plus the weather in the Box is always nice.

Your players will love going head-to-head in this simple drill. Box Lacrosse is even faster than Field Lacrosse, and more physical. Every rep in this drill should be faster too. Let your players really battle it out with the kind of hard Dodging and Cross-Checking Defense that Box Lacrosse was made for!

Defenders must get out to the ball quickly, but under control. The best Box and Field Coaches spend tons of time on Defensive "Approach" to the ball.  Box Players are really good at using Ball Movement and Pass and Shot Fakes to get Defenders out of position and off balance. Teach all your players good Body Defense to keep the ball out of the middle and down the sides where goals are really hard to score!


box lacrosse 1 on 1 defense approach dodging practice drill

Figure 1.) All the players in this drill will feed from the line of Defenders (Red) up top. Place one Attacker down low in the corner on each side of the goal (Blue 1 and 2). Much like Hockey, it's very common in Box Lacrosse to get the ball low in the corner before you start your offensive possession.

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