box lacrosse star passing shooting pregame warm-up practice drill

Box Lacrosse Star Passing & Shooting Drill

This is a classic pregame warm-up drill we've seen Box Lacrosse coaches use all over the world. It's perfect for warming up your players' feet and sticks and giving your goalie plenty of shots, all at the same time!

We've seen teams in Canada, the USA, even teams in European tournaments use this simple drill to get everybody on the floor and the ball really moving. It's great for passing, catching and shooting in game situations. Use this drill to teach your players where to be, where to look, and where to move the ball in the game!

Plus your Goalie gets to see tons of shots before game time from right in front of the goal!

You can use this drill in practice with your field lacrosse team as well. It simulates the areas and locations on the field your players will need to look for open teammates, plus it creates the type of traffic in the middle that your players need to avoid to make their passes connect in games.

If your players can't catch and throw, they won't get the chance to shoot in the game. This drill moves the ball four times before your players can take a shot!


Start your players in five lines in the shape of a star: Two lines on either side of the goal and three lines up top.

  • This is also the same shape of the "House" basic Box Lacrosse Offense, with all five players next to or in front of the goal, in scoring position.

box lacrosse star passing shooting drill pregame warm-up

Figure 1.) Start the ball down low, look back up top. Blue 1 will pass to the first player in the opposite line up top (Blue 4).

Teach your players to get the ball low in the corners to start possession, and to look up field for teammates in better scoring positions in front of the goal.

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  • Rapid Fire! Start a new ball in the same spot in the corner after 5 seconds or so. Keep the drill moving quickly so all your players are ready to think and move quickly when the game starts.
  • Give your Goalie plenty of reps! Make sure you keep the drill moving quickly and your players are putting shots on target so your Goalie gets used to seeing and moving towards the ball.
  • Use this same drill with Field Lacrosse teams! You can use this same drill to pratice passing, catching and shooting with your outdoor team. Just make sure your outdoor Goalie is set and ready each time!


  • Two-Line Dodging & Shooting Drills: Use these awesome college shooting drills & variations to let all your players practice their "moves" tons of times before trying them in game situations!
  • Close-Crease Passing & Shooting Drill: We love this great pregame warm-up shooting drill for finishing inside. Your Goalie will see literally hundreds of shots before game time! We got this one from one of top NCAA teams. (Hint: they are the National Champs!)
  • Box Lacrosse Pass Down, Pick Down Offense: This is the basic Box Lacrosse Offense that you will see teams using from the same "House" formation used in the passing and shooting drill above.
  • Box/Field Man-Up 3-on-2 Up Top: We got this simple Man-Up play from watching Team Canada at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships earlier this year. Works for your Field Lacrosse team also!

Make sure to tell us if you see some real improvement in your team's passing and shooting after using this drill in your practices and pregame warm-ups!