minto cup 2018 box lacrosse faceoff

Box Lacrosse Up-Pick Shooting Drill

We saw both teams at the Minto Cup using this same great two-ball shooting drill to warm up for Game 2 last week.

The Minto Cup is the Junior A National Championships for Box Lacrosse teams in Canada. The Minto Cup is a big deal for U21's, much like the Mann Cup is for Seniors. It's a 4-team Round Robin tournament with a Best 3-of-5 Game Series at the end. Tons of action. There was lots of drama mixed in this year too. There's a whole lot of Box Lacrosse happening right now.

You can do this drill with your field lacrosse team also. It includes elements of your offense too. You could also do it with Down Picks, if your team is running primarily Pass Down, Pick Down for your indoor or outdoor Offense.

Check out video of the drill from two different angles. Our break down and coaching points are below:


Just like in the video above, put your players in 4 lines, with balls at all four lines.

Note: You can do this drill with or WITHOUT a goalie. Make sure your goalie is ready each time. If you're using this drill with your outdoor teams, make extra certain your players know not to shoot before your Goalie is ready. Box Lacrosse Goalies have much more padding, and they can face more and quicker shots than your field Goalie.

box lacrosse off ball up pick shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Blue 2, set an "Up-Pick" for Blue 1. Blue 2 should cut to the middle first. Maybe he can get open to catch and shoot. Then come "Up Field" to set a pick behind Blue 1's imaginary Defender.

Don't let them see the Pick! Set the Pick behind the Defender, so they can't see when it's coming, or which side it's on. Box Players are very good at using the Pick & Roll "Two-Man" Game.

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