Classic 3-Man Weave Passing & Catching Drill

This is a popular drill you might recognize from basketball. Coaches have used it for decades to develop stick skills plus keep all their players' feet moving!

The 3-Man Weave is a classic in several sports for a reason. It keeps your players moving while working on basic skills like passing and catching without letting them stand still.

Use this drill almost any day at practice! Your players will get plenty of conditioning work while they make their way up and down the field, catching and throwing on the run, just like they will in a game.

Work on catching and throwing with both hands! This is the time to develop muscle memory and coordination with both hands. In games, let your players use whichever hand is going to make them the most successful.

Some coaches make this a standard part of their preseason tryouts. We know some coaches that won't move on to anything else in practice until their players can make it down the field and back with no dropped passes.


3 man weave classic passing catching practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in three lines 10-15 yards apart at one end of the field. Start with balls in the middle line.

You can have your players run goal line to goal line, full field, or whatever space you have available.

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  • Time Your Drills for your players' age and attention span. Move on to something else once a drill or game becomes unproductive.
  • Move towards the ball- "Attack the pass in the air." Move towards the passer to shorten the distance and stay in front of the Defense.
  • Ground balls- Use this same drill to get your players used to picking up ground balls and passing at lightning speed.


Let us know if you make lots of progress on your stick skills after using the 3-Man Weave with your team!