defense break out shooting clearing practice drill

Defense Break-Out Shooting Drill

Use this simple small-group shooting drill to teach your Defenders to Break Out after a shot and start Fast Breaks to score those big-time highlight transition goals!

"Bad Shots are Turnovers!"

We have this argument with players all the time. If the ball ends up in the Goalie's stick, it's a turnover. The other team has the ball, end of story. A shot wide of the goal is better than a Save. At least then you can chase the shot and get the ball back. Bad shots lead to saves lead to turnovers lead to numbers-advantage transition situations lead to goals for the other team.

This video from last year's NCAA Tournament pretty much says it all:

Break Out After a Shot!

This is can be a hard thing to teach, but will pay off big time in games. After an Attacking player shoots, what does he do? He stands there watching his shot. So the best player to get open down field is the man that was just guarding the shooter! This is one of the best ways to start 4-on-3 Fast Breaks and 5-on-4 Slow Breaks, with quick outlet passes from your Goalie, IF you have players breaking out to get open. So you better practice!

This Drill has a little of everything!

Use this simple drill to practice a little Dodging, a little Defensive Positioning and Footwork, Breaking Out for the ball, plus Saves and Clearing Passes for your Goalies! You can do it in small groups with safe distancing while we are all returning from restrictions in phases.


defense break out shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Place two players in front of the goal, one Attack and one Defender. You can use cones to keep the two players at a safe distance from each other, and to keep your Attacking players from shooting too close to your Goalies. The main point of this drill is the Save, Break Out and Clearing Passes, not scoring goals and smoking your Goalies.

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