defense college coach new two slide practice play

Defense: More Coaches are using this NEW “Two” Slide

Where is your Second Slide coming from? As offensive plays and formations change from season to season, Defenses have to respond with different strategies and tactics as well. Make sure your team keeps up!

Offense wins Games. Defense wins Championships. Every good coach knows that. Team Defense is a critical component if you want to build a competitive team, a complete package. Your players are out there 6-on-6, not just 1-on-1. The five Defenders playing Off-Ball Defense are just as important as the one Defender guarding the ball.

As "3-3" Alley Dodges and Crease Pops become more common and effective, Defenses we watch have been adapting specifically to Alley Dodges from up top with this new technique. Changing Slide Package responsibilities and assignments sounds complicated, but it can be surprisingly simple if you spend enough time in practice on Team Defense concepts and communication in all your plays and drills.

"Slide!" "Cover!" "Recover!" College teams and coaches use many different Slide Packages for many different locations on the field to Slide and help when the On-Ball Defender gets beat. Defense is all about Communication. Your Goalie and Defenders have to Talk and Organize who is going to help the ball at all times.

Defense! Defense! Defense! Keep up with the competition. Make sure you are ready to adjust mid-game if you have to with this new "Two" Slide against some of the common plays we see college and high school teams using all over the country.


defense college lacrosse coach new two slide practice play

Figure 1.) 3-3 Alley Dodges are always popular. We run lots of Dodging plays from both sides of the 3-1-2, "3-3" or "Umbrella" Formation with our teams, because it takes out some of the complicated triangle rotations of traditional 2-3-1 Motion Offense. Plus it puts all six of your offensive players in scoring position in front of the Goal.

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We love Defense! Let us know if you are able to make some good adjustment to your Slide Package assignments. This is cutting-edge stuff!