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Defense: Defending the “Two-Man Game” Pick & Roll

The Pick & Roll is such a standard play in both Box and Field Lacrosse now, pretty much every player should practice how to use it, and how to defend it. Here are the most common ways we see college and pro players and coaches doing it!

"Two-Man Game" is just like the Pick & Roll in Basketball. We could talk about Two-Man Game for hours. There are tons of trategies that you can use with more experienced teams, but we always try to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Son!) Use these easy tips to prepare your players for the Pick & Roll when they come up against it in games. Any high school or college coach wants to see kids that know these very important basics before they put them on the field.

Do lots of Two-Man Game in Practice! Set up simple 2-on-2 Pick & Roll stations around the field- up top, in the Alley, behind the Goal at "X". Teach all your players both sides of the Ball- Offense and Defense. Kids really love this part of the game, especially if they are playing Box Lacrosse also.

Although it can seem complex, Two-Man Game is actually quite simple. Throw in a couple of easy Pick & Roll plays in Practice to give your kids some new tricks for Game Day!

The Two-Man Game can stretch your Defense. In addition to setting the Pick on the Ball, this play pulls an extra Defender out to the Perimeter, meaning there is one less Defender to "Slide!" to stop the Ball and help cover the middle of the field. Make sure your players know who is the "Hot!" Slide to go stop the Ball at all times if the On-Ball Defender gets tangled up in the Two-Man Game and loses his man.

"Switch!" or "Stay!" If your players can think and move quickly, they can use this easy technique to easily shut down the Two-Man Game. Box Lacrosse Defenders are very good at this, because the Pick & Roll is so common, they use it and defend it dozens of times per game!


defense defending two man game pick roll play practice drill

Figure 1.) Here we've illustrated a basic "Pass Down/Pick Down" Play. Blue 1 has Passed the ball Down to Blue 2, and run Down to set a Pick on Defender Red 2. Blue 2 will Dodge right-handed into the middle or "Slot" for a right-handed shot from a good shooting position in front of the goal. No Alley Dodges in Box Lacrosse.

Defense: "Pick Coming Right/Left!" Red 1 can see everything that's happening behind the Ball. He has the responsibility for ALL the communication in this play. This is the number one mistake beginning players make. Communication is critical in Defending the Pick & Roll.

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