figure eight catch shoot practice drill

Figure Eight/Triangle Continuous Shooting Drills

These are two of our favorite high-rep shooting drills for individual or small group training. Try them when your players arrive early or stay late for practice.

We got these great shooting drills from 12-time DIII National Champions Salisbury Sea Gulls.

They must be doing something right. You can't win if you can't score. Jim Berkman is a really incredible coach, really nice guy. And they practice lots of shooting at Salisbury. Check out this great bank of Salisbury Shooting Drills on YouTube.

Super simple, super fun, catch and shoot!

You would be surprised how many times you will have a man open right in front of the goal when the Defense sends the "Hot" or "One" Slide to the ball, but doesn't have a "Two" Slide. Don't leave those easy goals on the table! Practice stick skills, shooting, footwork, and even a little Speed, Agility and Quickness all at once with these drills. It looks easy, but your players will definitely be working hard and out of breath after they catch and shoot ten balls in quick succession.

Take care of your Goalies!

Including Goalies in Shooting Drills is a great idea, IF they are benefiting too, getting a fair opportunity to practice their fundamental techniques, hand speed, and footwork. Goalies are not targets. They need time to reset their position and find the ball before the next shot comes. Goalies should NOT be taking lots of shots off the body in practice.



figure eight shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) You can do this drill with just one or two players. Place two cones above the Crease, each about a yard wider than the width of the goal. Put all the balls up near the top of the box with the Coach or Feeder.

Start one player in the middle in front of the goal, between the two cones, to run the Figure Eight.

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