Ground Ball “Up and Over” Shooting Drill

We are loving this new twist on an old classic Johns Hopkins drill that combines scooping, passing, dodging and shooting all into one fast-action game-situation drill!

This is a simple variation of one of the first drills we ever learned!

Former Hopkins Head Coach Pietramala's "Up and Over" is a classic from back in the 90's. It combines multiple skills into one drill, and mimics the exact locations, situations, and ball movements that your players will see in games. We've just made one simple change that works every stick skill in one drill! Plus, it's a great way to keep lots of players busy at all times.

"Scoop it and move it" to the other side of the field!

Ground Balls Win Games. Every good lacrosse coach knows that. "Always pass after a ground ball," is a non-negotiable rule on our teams, and one we learned from a number of top college coaches. Ground balls attract extra attention, and move lots of players around on the field. Get the ball up and away from trouble as quickly as possible, and you will find lots of extra scoring opportunities!

Make "One More!" pass to the other side of the field!

This drill is great for getting the ball moving from one side of the field to the other. "Dodge, Pass, Pass," and "Scoop, Pass, Pass" are important concepts for every player to learn. Attract the Defense to one side of the field, then move the ball two passes over to attack the back side of the field, where there is more space. Often there is "One More!" open teammate behind you. Keep the ball moving in the same direction to find the open player faster than the Defense can "Rotate!" to cover him.

Here's the Drill:

We usually do this drill WITHOUT a Goalie, so that we can get balls moving rapid fire, to maximize repetition and touches for all our players. PLUS it gives us time to focus and work with our Goalies one-on-one off to the side.

Start your players in four lines- one at GLE on either side of the goal, and two lines up top near the restraining line. Spacing and location is important in this drill.

Place most of the balls at both of the lines along GLE, with a few back-up balls up top, to keep the drill moving in case of any missed passes.


ground ball up and over shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Blue 2 will throw out a loose ball for Blue 1. Ground balls win games. We try to start every drill we can with a loose ball. Blue 2 can throw the ball out straight, or out to the side, right at his feet, or up over his head so it bounces. Different angles and bounces happen all the time in games.

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