“Hammer” 1-on-1 Triple Ground Ball Drill

This is a simple, fun drill that you can do with boys and girls players of all ages and levels to practice Scooping under pressure, Dodging, Defense, and get some Conditioning, all at the same time!

We're coaching new teams this fall, and Ground Balls need lots of work. So we're spending extra time on them. Almost every one of our drills starts with a loose ball that players have to fight for if they want to play Offense.

Ground Balls Win Games. Every good Lacrosse Coach knows that. This drill teaches your players to go out, work hard, and win every ground ball that comes near them. Ground balls turn into extra possessions, extra scoring opportunities, and extra chances to win. It's really difficult to win games if your team isn't winning the Loose Ball Battles.

It's called the "Hammer" Drill because you need to hammer this into your players' brains. Ground Balls Win Games. It's that simple. This drill is great because it gives every player the chance to win three ground balls every time they are in the drill. Muscle Memory and Repetition!


1 on 1 hammer triple ground ball practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in two lines at the top of the box, or on the Midfield line, sideline, or endline. It doesn't really matter where you start.

Coach will throw out a loose ball somewhere in the Goal Area Box. The first player from each line will run to get the loose ball. Teach your players to fight for loose balls legally- no loose ball pushes or slashing!

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