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ICYMI: Lax Library on In Lacrosse We Trust!

We are very excited to be partnered with In Lacrosse We Trust to bring you a special segment of our best plays and drills from College and Professional Indoor and Outdoor Lacrosse twice each month.

This month we went with your favorite play from last year, this great Man-Up play we saw a youth team from Texas run four or five times successfully in one game at at Tournament in California last fall. Even though it's not a Pro or College play, most of us don't coach at that level, so here you go. 2-2-2 man up pick and roll play screen shot

It's so great and so simple--when your team is Man-Up in a game, put your extra man in front of the goal and run two open men in the middle against the single Crease Defender in the typical "Box-and-One" Man-Down Defense.

And, In Case You Missed It: Check out our first featured section on In Lacrosse We Trust:

ILWT 5-pass 2-on-1 drill screenshot

We got this great high-speed practice drill at training camp for one of the NLL teams last year. Now this is a drill that Pro players do. Use it to improve your players’ stick skills, quickness, and Lax IQ, no matter what level you coach.

It's a great tool for working on both stick skills and game situations at the same time. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor practices. Beginners and first-year players will learn offensive and defensive strategies, plus a little catching and throwing as a bonus.

Keep up with us on In Lacrosse We Trust! Another way we will be bringing you the best plays and drills from College and Pro Coaches all season long!