everybody find one man up attack ride

Lax Lingo: “Everybody Find One!” Man-Up Attack Ride

When you're Man-Up for a penalty and need the ball back, there's really only one Ride you need. It's a simple situation. You just need to practice it a little bit.

Man-Up is one of your best chances to score!

When your team is Man-Up, and the other team has a penalty, you should pretty much always have the ball. Hopefully every shot is a goal, or you back up the shot and get it back. But we all know, hey, stuff happens. Bad passes, bad shot selections, picked off passes, no back-up, sometimes the other team does get the ball. The only thing you can do is get ready for the "Next Play!" and Ride hard to get it back! Don't give up on your Extra Man scoring opportunities!

Your Ride is your first line of Defense!

With one player on the other team out for a penalty, Riding becomes a simple Man-on-Man situation in the defensive half of the field, which changes...everything! You don't need the complicated 3-3 Deep Zones, or Shifting Zone Rides that you would normally use anymore. You just need a little communication, a little practice, and some good old-fashioned hard work to get the ball back! If you're lucky, there will still be time left in the penalty to get back into your Man-Up Plays. At the very least, you still have the ball when the penalty expires.

"Everybody Find One!"

We like to listen to what top college coaches are telling their players in practice and in games. Terminology and Vocabulary is very important, so your players know exactly what you mean, and exactly what you want them to do. It might seem obvious to you, but it's not to your players. Unless you've worked on this unique-but-common game situation in practice, you can't be sure your players know what's happening. So you have to tell them.

Use this simple "Lax Lingo" to communicate with your players quickly and clearly in game situations, and give them their best chances to be successful!

Here's the Play:

everybody find one man up attack ride

Figure 1.) When the Man-Down Defense gets the ball, this is a 6-on-6 situation! Riding is normally a 6-on-7 situation, but with one player on the other team (Blue) out for a penalty, this is becomes an even strength situation. Six (6) Attackers covering five Defenders plus the Goalie (5+1=6). This is the time for "Everybody (to) find one!" Everybody on your team should be able to play good 1-on-1 Defense.

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Practice Small-Sided Game Situations in Practice

You can practice your Man-Up Ride and Man-Down Clear, plus your Penalty Release and Recovery all at the same time in 3-on-3, 4-on-4, all the way up to 6-on-6 situations. Force your Attackmen to play good, fundamental 1-on-1 Defense. Force your Goalie, Long Poles, and Short Stick Defensive Midfielders (SSDM's) to handle the ball against 1-on-1 pressure. Practice making Turnovers into fast, numbers-advantage scoring opportunities. In other words, practice game situations in practice, and let your players play!