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Lax Lingo: 5 Ways to “Organize!” Your Defense

Offense wins games, Defense wins championships. We've seen it happen many times. Here are some simple tips and drills for Defensive fundamentals to get your Defense ready for every possession!

Don't give up easy goals to the other team by making simple mistakes! When working with new teams and players, one of the very first things we fix is Individual and Team Defense Skills and IQ. Correct the obvious, most common mistakes that many players make- the "Low Hanging Fruit."

Use this one simple term to get your whole Defense in position quickly during every possession. Don't give the other team easy transition and numbers-advantage situations. Give your Defense these simple tools and force your opponents to grind out 6-on-6 goals every time.

Make sure all your players get a chance to play both sides of the ball in practice and in games. This is how you get well-rounded athletes. Every competent player should know how to play good Defense if they want move on to the high school and college level.Build confidence in other areas of their game and enjoy lacrosse more on top of a solid foundation of skills for Defense!

5 Tips to "Organize!" Your Defense for Every Possession:

1) Get back in the "Hole!" Play Defense "from Inside-Out":

five tips for organizing defense in practice and games

A player challenging the ball way out at the Side Line or Midfield Line leaves the rest of your Defense in a temporary Man-Down numbers-disadvantage situation. Don't give the other team easy transition situations like 4-on-3 Fast Breaks and 5-on-4 Slow Breaks when they get the ball! Force them to work hard for 6-on-6 settled Offense and Defense to score goals.

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Use the simple keyword "Organize!" to reinforce these fundamental ideas consistently in practice drills and games, and your team will begin to turn away more offensive possessions, stay competitive in more games and get more wins!