maryland 3 on 2 practice drill

“Maryland” 3-on-2 Half-Field Drill

This simple half-field variation of the classic "West Genny" drill also includes elements of Clearing in small-sided game situations that your field and box lacrosse players will love.

We are using this great 3-on-2 Drill with small groups and no-contact while we follow Return to Play Guidelines right now.

Some (but not all) of our coaches are already in Stage Two of the US Lacrosse Return to Play Guidelines: Outdoor practices, groups of less than 10, face coverings for coaches, no high fives/fist bumps/etc.

Focus on physical fitness and Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ)!

This is a great drill for small groups with limited or no contact. Even though it's a competitive situation, the 3-on-2 numbers advantage is great for improving footwork, ball movement, defensive help and recovery, sticks in passing lanes, deflections, etc., etc.

3-on-2 is a great small-sided game size for Skill Acquisition.

in the right context for it to relate to game time. We are learning more about how our players actually learn right now, and it's very important. 2-on-1 drills can be too easy many times, while 4-on-3 and especially 5-on-4 games are too hard for youth players. 3-on-2 is right in the sweet spot for getting better.

"West Gennies" are probably the best practice drill ever!

There are so many versions, they incorporate a variety of skills into one activity, they keep everyone busy, and best of all, they are basically one continuous game!

This 3-on-2 "Maryland" Drill is like a half-field "Genny" that never stops. Because it's a half-field drill, you can keep twice as many players involved at one time. Plus, it involves "Break Outs" and Clearing Passes that your players will need in games. You can't play Offense if you can't Clear from Defense!


3 on 2 maryland lacrosse practice drill

Figure 1.) Two players will start on each side of the Goal, with the rest up top in three lines. Start the ball with the Goalie each time the drill resets. Keep plenty of balls in the goal or up top with a Coach so that you can keep the drill moving continuously. Don't let your players stand in line for more than a few seconds!

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