mirror dodging passing catching practice line drill

“Mirror” Dodging and Passing Practice Drills

Make this simple change to your basic warm-up line drills at practice to give all your players maximum reps and touches on the ball catching and throwing, plus they get to work on their "moves" at the same time!

Dodging is not just about going to the goal! Dodging is how you create numbers-advantage situations in 6-on-6 Settled Offense. It's how you get the Defense out of position, "Unsetteled", and find scoring opportunities against better teams. Dodging is what you do to force the Defense to "Slide!" and create open teammates that can catch and score!

If you want your players to throw good Split Dodges or Roll Dodges in games, they should probably do 10 or 20 or 100 of those moves in practice and pregame warm-ups. This drill gives your players lots of chances to practice any Dodge with both hands, without taking up extra practice time.

Use multiple balls for multiple dodgers. Get twice as much work done! Keep your players engaged and active in all your practice drills and games. Use smaller groups, multiple balls, anything that increases movement and repetitions for building muscle memory!


mirror dodging passing catching practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in two lines facing each other about 20 yards apart. Give each line back-up balls to keep the drill moving. Don't let your drill shut down because of bad passes and catches. Keep your players moving!

Make sure all your players get time to practice all their dodges with Both Hands! Make sure to keep enough time to practice each Dodge with both sides, right-handed and left-handed.

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