Mom Saves Lacrosse Team, Becomes Coach

At Lax Library, we love hearing stories about individuals who share in our mission to "Grow the Game" of lacrosse. We heard this story last week about an inspiring mom who saved her son's lacrosse team in their hometown of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania by becoming the coach and learning the game.

Parents are a critical part of the team in any youth sport, and lacrosse is no exception. From driving players to practice, to bringing snacks to games, to cheering from the stands in those bad weather games, every parent plays a key role throughout the season.

When Susan Chlebowski learned that her son's high school didn't have a lacrosse team, meaning he wouldn't be able to continue playing lacrosse past the 8th grade, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Starting out as a team organizer, Chlebowski's first job was to find equipment, volunteers, and a field for the newly formed Mifflinburg Area High School Lacrosse Program, which helped carry the team through its inaugural season. The next year, Chlebowski took over as Head Coach in order to keep her son's program afloat.

One-on-one Ground BallChlebowski became a "student of the game," attending conventions, reading books, and watching game film to absorb everything she could to bring lacrosse to her players. Since then, she has helped foster the growth of lacrosse around the area over the past 4 years, inspiring fellow parents, coaches, and players with her passion and dedication to the sport.

Although she recently stepped down as of Mifflinburg Area High School head coach, Chlebowski has taken on a new role with her younger son's middle school lacrosse team. She was integral to the creation of this new youth program, and will begin as Head Coach in Spring 2015!

We're thrilled to have Susan as a member of Lax Library and support her as she continues her coaching career! To find out more about Susan's amazing story, you can read her full article in the The Daily Item here.

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