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Practice Cancelled? Watch Video.

Practice Tip of the Day:If practice is cancelled because of weather, or if it's the day after a game, this is the best time to watch some game film. We highly recommend scheduling video practices with your players!

If you grew up playing basketball or football, you probably watched tons of basketball and football on TV. Maybe your parents took you to lots of soccer games if you played soccer as a kid. You tried to pick up a few moves, or there were certain players that you wanted to be like. Why is lacrosse any different?

As humans, most people learn best by immitation and/or experience. Watching any kind of video is probably the #1 thing that is missing from most beginning players' lacrosse experience, especially if you are in a new and developing area.

Times have changed. When were were growing up playing lacrosse, we were lucky if we got to see a game or two during our entire youth and high school careers.The growing popularity of the sport plus the accessibility of the internet has made lacrosse available to everyone, no matter if you're in Baltimore or Birmingham.

There are highlights for particular teams, particular years, particular players; even complete games are available on YouTube Channels and Watch ESPN. US Lacrosse keeps a really nice up-to-date TV and Live Stream Schedule here.

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Watching film with your players is a great way to point out what their game should look like. You can highlight things you've worked on in practice. You can watch how individual players move and what they do. You could even watch what they do for their pre-game warm ups. We pick up tons of ideas by going to college games early.

  • Try this little game with your players- pick one player to follow on the screen and stay with him for one or two minutes of play, regardless of what happens with the ball. This is just one easy way to teach your players how to run hard, move off-ball, when to clear through to the Crease, how to help on Defense, etc., etc. Give them a visual example. Show them what it looks like!

Watching game film is a great thing to do the day after a game. It doesn't matter if you don't have film from your game- you could watch anything. Give your guys time to rest, but keep them in the habit and on schedule of coming to practice at the normal time. It doesn't matter if you have film from your own game. Watch anything. Lacrosse All Stars has started putting up tons of good stuff in their College Lacrosse Video Explosion segments.

Plus, this is quality team-building time. Have a Team Dinner somewhere you can put on a College game at a restaurant or in the living room or basement. Get your kids to actually hang out together as miniature grown-ups. Or better yet, cancel practice when Notre Dame is in town and go to the game for practice!  If you are a youth coach, go watch the local High School team. Hopefully your kids will be out there in just a few short years.

Let us know what you do for your video practices. Tell us how it goes for your team!