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Six-Line Passing & Catching Practice Drill

We've seen many college and high school teams using this full-field passing drill this preseason to get feet and sticks moving at practice, and give each player tons of touches on the ball!

Also Called "W" Passing for the shape it makes on the field, this is a pretty standard full-field drill that both boys and girls coaches use. You can do it any day at practice to get your players running sprints. It also teaches them to make long passes across the field like they will in games!


six line passing catching practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in six (6) lines, three (3) on each side of the field at or near the sideline. They will all be cutting into the middle for a pass, moving the ball down field to the goal. The lines are numbered clockwise, so don't get confused.

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  • Multiple Balls at the same time! Get one ball going each direction for more touches, more reps, and more running! Try getting two balls going each direction!
  • Add in Ground Balls and Dodging! Line 1 can roll the ball to Line 5 across the field. All players throw a quick Split Dodge before they pass or shoot. Work on multiple skills at the same time!
  • No second Goalie? Blue 3 can throw to a coach at the end of the field, and coach can throw the outlet pass to Blue 4. Or Blue 3 throw a ground ball to Blue 4! That's an easy variation.
  • Make it competitive! Keep track of how many passes your players make with out dropping. Challenge them to get to 20, 25 or 50!