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Two Slide and “Bounce!” Shooting Drills

Teach your players to "Bounce!" off the Defense when the Slide comes, to practice getting their hands free to feed the open man inside, no matter what plays you use on Offense.

The #1 most common problem we have with our beginning and intermediate players, boys and girls, is that they try to shoot or pass with a Defender (or two!) right in their faces and in their hands.

"Bounce!" Off the Defense to get your Hands Free to Pass or Shoot!

Just like a "Step Back" in basketball, "Bounce!" is specific footwork that your players will need multiple times every game and practice to create separation from a Defender or Defensive Double-Team. Use these two simple shooting drills below to practice how to "Bounce!" and separate from the Defender in two common game situations and locations, plus Dodging, Passing, Catching, and Shooting, all at the same time!

Use "Chunking" to Teach Skill Progression:

Breaking down a new skill, like trying to run a specific settled Offense, into smaller pieces, or "Chunks", is the easiest way to teach almost anything. You can use a Chunk of whatever "Play" or "Sets" you run to teach your players how to draw the Defense, "Bounce!" away, and move the ball to the open man. Teach your players to let the ball do the work, and score more easy, assisted goals!


#1: The Classic Left-to-Right Split Dodge Down the Alley

Start with one player on the Crease, and one line of players up top with balls. You can do this drill with or without a Goalie, and with or without a Defender on the Crease.

We like to put a Coach on the Crease to play "Dummy Defense", so we can get the timing of the Slide and the "Bounce!" right. Keep the focus on the purpose of the drill.

slide bounce shooting drill

Figure 1.) This is the first play we ever learned as players back in the 80's- the Classic Righty Alley Dodge. Like a Mid-Range Jumper or a Lay-Up in basketball, this is a shot all your players should be able to make.

Change Speed and Direction! First move is to the middle of the field, second move is to the Goal. In a game, your players can run straight downhill to the goal and shoot if they can beat their Defender. Dodge to Score!

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