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Three Different Reverse 4-on-3 Fast Breaks

When Fast Breaks happen in games, the ball doesn't always come in where we want it to like it does in practice. Here are three different Reverse Fast Breaks we see college teams use for this situation.

4-on-3 Fast Breaks happen multiple times in every lacrosse game, especially with youth and beginners. No matter what level you coach, it's critical you teach all your offensive and defensive players to recognize and respond to this common game situation properly. Make sure your team understands how to work the numbers advantage so they can score!

We usually run this play bringing the ball in on the right side of the field (when looking AT the goal) so that most of the pass and shot opportunities are right-handed, since most of our players are right-handed.

4 on 3 reverse fast break play practice drillThat's not always the way things work in games, when ground balls and bad passes can give your players the ball on the left side of the field. There's not always time to carry the ball across the field before the Defense can get back and recover.

Don't give up the numbers-advantage situation! Here are three different scenarios we have seen good college and high school coaches using with their teams to keep the Fast Break going, even though the ball is coming down on the other side of the field, opposite to the way most teams usually practice it.

Reverse Fast Breaks happen all the time. Good coaches know to practice this common game situation to cash in on these easy scoring opportunities.

Using one or two of these options with your players will result in the Defense being confused and sliding late, or not at all, meaning more transition goals for your team!


4 on 3 reverse fast break play practice drill

Figure 1.) Push the ball into the "Slot"! The first, and easiest option for most players is to run it just like a "Standard" Fast Break, bringing the ball into the open space in the middle of the field for a good shot on-the-run from a good shooting position, right in front of the goal.

First look is always to the Goal! Blue 4 runs the ball into the middle, looking to score. If Red 1 slides late or slow, Blue 4 should be able to score!

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Make sure to tell us if your players score some good Reverse Fast Breaks after using some of these plays in practice and games!