triple threat shooting practice drill

“Triple Threat” Shooting Drill

All your players will work on three different game situation shots in this Super-Fun Shooting Drill! See how fast you can get the ball moving, and your players passing, catching and shooting.

We saw another team using this drill before games this weekend, and we liked it right away. So we stole it. We are using it with our boys and girls teams in our practices this week. It keeps all your players engaged, attentive, and moving. Everybody loves it!

Super Fast, Super Fun. Outside Shots, Cutting Shots, Crease Shots, this drill has it all. Every player has to pass, cut, catch, and shoot in every position, every rep. See how fast your players can get it going! Faster reps mean more touches on the ball for each player. More muscle memory and repetition. Did we mention it's lots of fun?

Do this drill WITHOUT a Goalie! Let the rest of your players shoot as much and as fast as they can. Tons of shots coming at them too quickly will shock and frustrate your Goalies, especially younger and more inexperienced players. This is a good time to take them to another goal or over on the sideline for some 1-on-1 attention from a coach. Work on save mechanics, hand-eye coordination, top hand speed, footwork, etc. Goalies need lots of special attention if you want them to be good.


triple threat shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in three lines, with plenty of balls at each line. Lines 1 and 2 up top, Line 3 down low alongside the Goal Line Extended (GLE). Every player will pass and shoot from every line, every time, so you need tons of balls.

Work both sides of the field! Do this drill with Line 3 on the other side of the goal next time.

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