We saw several teams using this simple Man-Up Pick & Roll play at a Box Tournament this weekend to score easy goals in as few as three passes!

Even though college lacrosse season is already under way, and high school season is just around the corner, it's still Box season for most of us here.

This is a pretty standard play for most Box Lacrosse teams in the 5-on-4 Man-Up situation, with many higher level variations you can run. It's great against the standard 4-Man "Box" Man-Down Defense that most teams will use when they have a penalty.

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"Build the House!" Almost every team will start their 5-on-4 Man-Up Penalty Situation with Blue 1, 2 and 3 up top. This creates a 3-on-2 situation against the top two corners of the typical "Box" Man-Down Defense (Red 1 and 2). 3-on-2 is easier than 5-on-4.

box lacrosse man up pick roll up top play offense

Figure 1.) Move the Ball Side-to-Side! We run this play starting with the Lefties (Blue 3) on the Left Side of the floor (when looking out from the Goal or Goalie) so that we can run the Pick & Roll on the right side of the floor, since most of our players are right-handed.

This Side-to-Side Ball Movement is critical in Box Lacrosse, since the Goalies are bigger, and the goals are smaller. Move the Goalie and the Defense to one side of the floor to open up more shooting space on the back side of the goal!

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