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Lax Lingo: “Find” the Open Man!

"Find" is a great term we have heard good coaches using in games for a few years now. In today's Lax Lingo, we'll look at how this simple one-word tool can help your players react and respond quickly on the field.

Like every other sport, lacrosse has its own unique vocabulary. In addition to common terms that every lacrosse player should know, like "ball down" and "slide," there are also special terms that are used in very specific situations.

Instead of screaming uncertain terms like "Move!" and "Hustle!" from the sideline, it's important coaches use simple, direct terms that communicate to your players exactly what you want them to do.

In today's Lax Lingo, we want to look at one of our favorite terms to improve players' field vision and situational awareness: "Find".

"Find Johnny."

youth lacrosse run with eyes up"Find" is an easy one-syllable term that tells your players to look up for an open teammate. It's that simple. The decision making process is left up to them. Should they pass it or run? You are only suggesting they look around to analyze the situation.

Offense: Coaches can use this term to help offensive players "Find space" to get out of trouble. Or "Find Johnny" if Johnny is open down field or in the middle right in front of the goal.

Defense: "Find number 19!" Help your defensive players find the man they are guarding so you don't leave open easy passes and shots for the other team.

Goalies: Help your goalies "Find" open teammates during Clears. Clearing is a 7-on-6 situation, so you should have a man open somewhere on the field.

Plays: You can also use it to refer to specific plays or locations. For example, "Find X" could mean that a player has a good match-up to dodge from behind the goal.

However you use the term, "Find" is quick and easy to implement in a variety of situations. We'd love to hear how it works for your team in practice and in games. And always let us know if you have any other "Lax Lingo" that helps you succeed!