1 4 1 reverse double mumbo cut pick roll play offense

1-4-1 Reverse Double “Mumbo” Cuts

This play is a simple variation of the standard "Mumbo" Cuts that we've seen college and high school teams running the last few years using the Pick & Roll to get players open for good shots, plus keep the Defense busy and confused.

Mumbo Cuts are becoming a standard part of the Playbook for most college and high school coaches. We saw Hopkins using Double Mumbo Cuts at the beginning of their game against Navy earlier this season. We've seen other top college teams using both Double Mumbo Cuts and Reverse Double Mumbo Cuts to free up shooters and tie up the Defense so they can't Slide to stop the ball.

The the 1-4-1 Formation is a great way to create space outside around the perimeter of the field for your players that are good Dodgers, plus create confusion for the Defense. With players moving and setting Picks on the Crease, right in front of the goal, it makes it hard for the Defense to stay with their man and be ready to help stop the ball.

Although it's more of an intermediate difficulty offense, you can still teach your youth team to use this play if you spend a little bit of time on it in practice, and if your players understand how to hang onto the ball and try something else if the first few options don't work.


Start your players in a classic 1-4-1 Formation: one Midfielder up top, two Midfielders on the Crease; two Attackmen on the wings, one Attackman behind the goal at "X".

1 4 1 reverse double mumbo cut offense pick roll play

Figure 1.) Start this play any time the ball gets to the Midfielder at top center. This should be one of your best Dodgers, or a Midfielder that has a good "match-up" against a weaker Defender. Blue 1 should make a hard move to the goal.

The two Crease Players will cut to the Wings. While Blue 1 is dodging, Blue 2 and Blue 3 will cut from the Crease to the Wings. This is a great way to pull the Defenders out of the middle to clear space for Blue 1 to Dodge to the goal.

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Make sure you tell us if you start using Mumbo Cuts with your team!