pass down pick down lacrosse offense play

2-3-1 Pass Down, Pick Down Offense

Pass Down, Pick Down is a relatively new Offense we learned from Box Lacrosse. It incorporates the Pick & Roll elements that have made Canadian players so successful in American Field Lacrosse in the past few years, as well as parts of more traditional Motion Offense.

Pass Down, Pick Down will work just as well for your outdoor team as it does for your indoor team. If you coach teams for both types of lacrosse, you only have one Offense to teach your players!

We run this play most often on the right side of the goal (when looking out from the Goal or Goalie) so that most of the passes and shot opportunities are right-handed, working with most younger players’ dominant right-hand side.

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pass down pick down lacrosse offense play

Figure 1.) Blue 1 Passes Down, then Picks Down to Blue 4 on the Wing. Blue 1 moves toward the middle of the field as if he is clearing through to the Crease. Blue 1 comes back out to set a pick on Defender Red 4's back side, so the Defender doesn't see the Pick coming.

If Defender Red 1 is ball-watching, Blue 1 is open on his way into the middle. Pass him the ball and go to the Goal!

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  • Teach your players to use SPACE on Offense! Don't bunch up and make it easy on the Defense. Stay spread out and force the Defenders to cover more ground.
  • Practice lots of Two-Man Game! This can be hard for younger players to understand, so spend extra practice time with your players getting the Picks set so the man with the ball can really use it.
  • Keep It Simple! Practice this same play using 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 first before 6-on-6, especially with younger players.


Let us know if you get Pass Down, Pick Down to work with your youth or high school teams, indoors and outdoors!