two man inbounds play x

2-Man Inbounds Play from “X”

This is a simple, standard play we see teams from all over using to score quick goals after a shot out of bounds on the End Line!

This play is so common, teams from High School to the MLL use it! If the Pros are doing it, you probably should be too. We even saw international teams using it in the 2018 World Championships this summer in Israel.

Attacking after a shot out of bounds on the end line is a great time for quick goals! Lots of Defenses will relax for a few seconds when the ball goes out, instead of getting organized for the next play. For this reason, some teams attack right away from the end line as part of their game plan, before the Defense is ready!

Run this play any time the ball goes out of bounds on the end line after a shot. The whole play lasts about 5 seconds. It's easy to teach, simple to set up, and it only involves two Attackmen, preferably two players that work really well together. Give them this simple tool, and see how many goals they can score per game!


simple two man inbounds play from x

Figure 1.) Any time the ball goes out of bounds on the End Line, your Attackman (Blue 1) should chase the shot, and bring the ball back in to the field as quickly as possible. The faster you get ready with the ball, the faster the Referee will blow the ball back in. "Play between the whistles", and be ready before the Defense!

Here, the rest of the Offense is set up in a 3-1-2, or "3-3" formation. Keep your Midfielders (Blue 4, 5 and 6) up high in an "Umbrella" across the top of the Box to create Space for the Attack with the ball to work down low around the Goal.

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Run this play as a practice drill with just your two Attackmen, no Defenders. Give them plenty of reps practicing this simple pass and cut before Game Time!