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2-on-2 Dodge and Slide Drill

This is one of our favorite Dodging drills. It imitates game situations and teaches players to Dodge, Slide, pass, catch and shoot with their eyes up and feet moving. No matter what level you coach, this drill will make any practice more challenging and fun.

Dodging is an essential skill for any lacrosse player. From simple split dodges to the ankle-breaking behind-the-back dodges you see on TV, these explosive moves get your players past their Defenders, free their hands for passing & shooting, and create goal-scoring opportunities from anywhere on the field.

This 2-on-2 game lets your players practice their "moves" to get past the Defense, and how to work together to get to the goal. And most importantly, they will understand how to create and respond to the 2-on-1 situations that are the foundation for success in lacrosse.

This is also a great drill for Defense. Your players will practice 1-on-1 Defense against the man with the ball, working on footwork and body position to keep the ball out of the middle of the field. They will also work on the Crease Slide to help, and how to "Recover!" to the "Hole" to pick up open attackers in front of the goal. If done correctly, a good Slide can turn into a turnover, like a double-team in basketball.


Split your players into two groups at the midfield line or outside the goal area box, with one line for Offense and one line for Defense. Mix your Long-Pole Defenders in with everyone else.

1 on 1 Dodging with crease slide basic setup

Figure 1. Start the drill with 2 Attackers (Blue) and 2 Defenders (Red). Start the ball up top with Blue 2. The second Attacker (Blue 1) should stretch to the back side of the crease  to create space for the man with the ball to Dodge, and to stretch the Slide.

The ball carrier can start his dodge from anywhere. Here, Blue 2 starts his Dodge from the top right (when looking at the goal) to practice the classic Righty Split Dodge down the Alley. He could also "Sweep" across the top, dodge from the Wing, or carry behind the goal to come from X.

The Defense is set up in basic Man-on-Man coverage. Red 2 is guarding the ball, positioned to force Blue 2 out of the middle, down the alley. Red 1 is positioned to guard his man and also "Slide!" to help Blue 2 if necessary.

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  • Make sure your players get a chance to play both sides of the ball. All your players should play Offense and Defense in this drill.
  • Be loud! Make sure open Attackers are calling for the ball, while Defenders will be calling "Man!", "Ball!" and "Slide!" to stay organized and work together.
  • Keep the intensity up by keeping time and keeping score for each round. The losing player(s) should do some full-field sprints, hill sprints, Up Downs, Push Ups, etc.
  • Keep Space. Except for a Pick & Roll or a "Ball Reversal" Flip Pass, Attackers should generally stay away from each other to work this simple game situation.


  • Add in Clears: After a Goal or Save, your Defenders can work this 3-on-2 Clear to get the ball past the restraining or midfield line.
  • 2-on-2 with Ground Balls: Start this drill with a Ground Ball anywhere on the field so your players respond to unsettled situations.
  • 2-on-2 Pick & Roll "Around the World": Teach your players the 2-Man Game with this Pick & Roll Dodging Drill.
  • 3-on-3 Dodge and Slide Drill: If your players understand the "Draw-and-Dump," try this 3-on-3 drill for a challenging step up.