3 on 2 west genny breakout practice drill

3-on-2 “Breakout!” West Genny Drill

Just when you thought you knew all the different variations of the classic West Genesee Drill, we found one you've never seen before! Plus it's got a little Box Lacrosse to it!

West Gennies (pronounced "Jennies") have been used by coaches for decades.

We use this drill with youth, high school and college players all the time. Everybody loves it. We use them with our girls' teams too. Named for the famous West Genesee high school, 15-time NY State Champions, it's one of the best practice drills of all time. We see top teams in the NCAA using them today.

Numbers Advantage Game Situations!

Any variation of a West Genny drill includes a little bit of everything- Clearing, passing, shooting, offense, defense, Man-Up, Man-Down, everything! With fewer players on the field in 3-on-2 situations, you give all your players more space to move and more chances to touch the ball, plus teach them to help and communicate on Defense. All this in competitive game situations!

"Speed Kills!" Get on the field fast! Offense and Defense!

If you want your team to play fast, and be able to create and take advantage of numbers-advantage situations, this drill has an added twist you've never seen before. All your players will need to hustle on and off the field fast on both sides of the ball in this drill. And they will have a ton of fun doing it!


We usually play this game on a shortened field, either Restraining Line to Restraining Line (pictured). We see a lot of NCAA teams playing sideways across the field, which allows them to get two or three games going across a normal field.

3 on 2 breakout west genny practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in two teams on opposite sides of the field. One team will start with the ball with three Attackers (Blue), and the other team will start with two Defenders (Red).

Make it competitive! Players all over the world love this drill because it's really a game. Add an extra level of intensity to your practice by Keeping Time and Keeping Score in all your games and drills. Your kids will love it!

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