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3-on-2 Bucket Drill from MLL Tryouts

This is a great drill we got from the open tryouts held by one of the MLL teams. It's a simple 3-on-2, plus some conditioning, that you can use with your youth or high school team!

We think it's great that lacrosse teams in the MLL host open tryouts for players trying to live their dream of making it to the pros!

If the Pros are using this drill, you probably should too! It will give you a good idea of your players' athleticism, stick skills, and game situation IQ all at the same time!

Play small! 3-on-2 situations will force all your players to participate on offense and defense. Nobody can hide inside the drill like with 6-on-6 and other more complex situations.

You can even use this team with your Box or Indoor lacrosse team! The reps are fast and you don't need very much space. You can use this drill any day at practice with as few as five or six players.


3 on 2 bucket practice drill major league lacrosse tryouts

Figure 1.) Set up three lines behind the goal in the corners of the field. Two lines will be Offense (Blue) and one line will be the Defense (Red).

Put a ball bucket or cone up top at the restraining line.

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  • Keep the drill moving quickly! The pro players we saw were finishing reps every 10 seconds. Keep your players moving through the drill every 10 to 15 seconds so they learn to play fast!
  • Rotate through all the lines! Make sure all your players are getting chances to play both sides of the ball, offense and defense so you develop well-rounded athletes.
  • Keep time for all your games and drills! Time your drills to keep your players' focus and keep your practice on schedule.
  • Keep score! Create a scoring system to inject some competitiveness into your practice. Say one point if the offense scores a goal and one point for the defense if the offense turns the ball over or the goalie makes a save.