3 on 2 funnel practice drill

3-on-2 Funnel Drill

Teach your players to get the best scoring opportunities by getting to the best shooting positions on the field- right in front of the goal!

We watched 3-Time MLL All-Star Jeremy Sieverts at the US Lacrosse Convention last weekend talk about getting into the "Funnel" in front of the goal for the best scoring chances.

Against good teams with good Goalies, your players can't spend all day dodging down the Alley anymore. Top College Coaches coaches like Dom Caputo (Duke) will tell you that they need their players to  get "into the Slot", in front of the goal to score!

Use this great 3-on-2 Drill that we got from DI College coaches to put your players into scoring positions inside the "Funnel"- an imaginary cone or triangle made from drawing lines straight out from the goal pipes.

You can draw the Funnel on your field with a few cones. It's a simple drill to set up, and you can do it almost any day at practice with as few as 5 or 6 players. Even our college players love it any time we play this "game" at practice.


3 on 2 funnel practice drill

Figure 1.) Place Three (3) Attackers outside the "Funnel". One up top, one on each side. If you can, put your Righties on the right side (when looking out from the Goal or Goalie) and your Lefties on the left!

Place 2 Defenders inside the Crease. Start your Defenders in front of the goal so they learn to approach the ball quickly, playing Defense "from inside-out".

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  • Rotate all your players through Offense and Defense! Make sure all your players get to play both sides of the ball. Developing well-rounded players is one of the most important things you do as a Coach!
  • Run this drill in a 2-on-1 situation if your beginning players don't understand the 3-on-2 situation yet. 2-on-1's are the basic building block of any team sport!
  • Keep the drill moving quickly! We saw Hopkins doing this drill one time getting their reps done every 2-3 seconds!
  • Keep Score to make your practices competitive! We like to keep score in all our drills and games. Play games to three- Offense gets one point for a goal. Defense gets one point every time the ball goes outside the "funnel".


  • 3-on-2 from the Sideline: We got this great numbers-advantage drill from working summer camp at one of the top college teams last summer. (Hint: They're the defending National Champions.)
  • 3-on-2 10-Pass Drill from the Pros: This is another great team numbers-advantage drill that we adapted from something we saw at NLL training camp last season. Get 3-on-2 scoring situations going at both goals!
  • 3-on-2 West Genesee Drill: This is a true Lacrosse Classic that coaches have been using for decades. "West Gennies" will get 3-on-2 transition situations going at both ends of the field. Tons of conditioning, tons of reps and tons of fun with this drill.