3 on 2 north south west gennies half field practice drill

3-on-2 “North-South” West Gennies

This is another simple version of the classic 3-on-2 West Genessee drill, one of the best practice drills of all time!

Numbers advantage situations occur dozens, maybe hundreds of times in every game. Make sure your players understand these common game situations as soon as they happen to score more goals and win more games!

This is a simple change to the classic "West Gennies" continuous 3-on-2 West Genessee Drill. There are so many versions of this drill you can do.

This is another half field version you can use in pregame warm-ups or in practice on just one goal with 10-12 players. Fast reps make this drill fun and exciting, and great work for stick skills, game situations, ball movement, and defensive communication and rotations, all at the same time!


3 on 2 north south west gennies half field practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in three lines up top (Blue 1, 2 and 3), and three lines behind the goal at "X". Start two players in the "Hole" on Defense (Red 1 and 2). These 3-on-2 situations happen multiple times in every game, especially if you are coaching youth or beginning players.

Play out this 3-on-2 situation to a Goal, Save or a Turnover! Coach will pass the ball to one of the three Blue Attackers up top to start the drill. Or throw out a loose ball. If the Defense or Goalie get the ball, just pass it back to a Coach as quickly as possible. Don't worry about Clearing in this drill. Just keep the reps and the drill moving!

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