300 wall ball stick skills practice workout

“300” College Lacrosse Wall Ball Workout

Are your players practicing "Wall Ball" to get their stick skills ready for the spring? If you aren't starting now, you will be wasting precious practice time when the season starts!

no wall ball signWall Ball is the #1 way to improve stick skills in youth players. Whether it's catching, throwing, shooting, or ground balls, Wall Ball can make these skills an individual responsibility for your players so you can move on to shooting drills and game situations in practice as soon as possible.

We suggest all your players wear helmet and gloves when practicing wall ball--nobody wants a broken nose or chipped teeth. This also helps your players get familiar with playing with their equipment on, which will help them at practice and during games.

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Wall Ball "300"

We got this simple workout from one of the college teams we work with.

This is a great way to get 300 reps catching and throwing done in 6-8 minutes if you're really good, 10-15 minutes if you're just starting out. At most it will take your players 20 minutes a day to make massive improvements in their individual stick skills.

Turn the TV off, put the phone down. Go outside and get on the wall.

wall ball 300 stick skills practice workout

Give this list to your players and tell them to go home and "do their homework".

Download the PDF version here: "Wall Ball 300"

  • Make it competitive! You can even have your players time themselves to see who has the best time on the team.


Even Professional Players and coaches use Wall Ball Workouts to keep their stick skills sharp.

Let us know if you have any additional Wall Ball Workouts of your own to add to the Lax Library!