4-on-3 Fast Break: “Give and Go!”

This is a relatively simple variation on the common 4-on-3 Fast Break that you can teach your players to score more goals when the Defense is "Cheating" and starting their rotation to the ball too early!

4-on-3 Fast Breaks happen multiple times every game! They're fast, they're exciting, they bring the fans to their feet. They usually follow a great play by the Defense or a great save by your Goalie, and a full-field sprint from the other end of the field. Make sure all your players understand this common game situation on both sides of the ball before you decide to start throwing in variations!

Many teams will "Cheat" and set up early in a Triangle to defend the Fast Break when they see it coming down the field. This is an easy way to for the "Point" Defender to get in position to Slide to the ball faster. Use the classic "Give-and-Go" to move Defenders and confuse their Rotation to cover the ball, and score more Fast Break goals!


4 on 3 fast break give go play

Figure 1.) Set up the "Box" for a normal Fast Break. We like to bring the ball down the Goalie's top left of the field, so that most of the passes and shot opportunities are right-handed, since most of our players are right-handed.

Most Defenses will set up in a Triangle to defend the Fast Break. Here, Defender Red 1 is cheating over towards Midfielder Blue 4 with the ball, basically leaving Attackman Blue 1 wide open.

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