5 on 4 slow trailer break man up offense play

5-on-4 Slow Break: “Trailer Break”

Add this common transition play to your arsenal after 4-on-3 Fast Breaks to turn even more unsettled situations into exciting Goals on Game Day!

5-on-4 Slow Breaks happen just as often as 4-on-3 Fast Breaks. Make sure all your players understand these common game situations really well! Move the ball to the open man faster than the Defense can "Rotate!" to cover him. Goals scored in these Numbers-Advantage Situations are easier to score than settled 6-on-6 goals, in our opinion.

Your kids will love playing this kind of "Run-and-Gun" offense when your team has the extra man advantage in Transition. All they have to do is run hard to get down field!

In a "Trailer Break", your players should know to look for open teammates up top "Trailing" behind the play. Not everybody needs to run right into the middle, all at the same time. This play is about Lacrosse IQ, reading the Defense in the unsettled situation, and timing your cuts to get open.

Run this play in practice to work on Fast Breaks, Slow Breaks, Man-Down Defense, and getting into Settled 6-on-6 Offense, all at the same time! With multiple game situations involved, your players will learn what comes next. Protect these critical extra scoring opportunities. Don't let them throw the ball away with unforced Offensive Turnovers!


5 on 4 slow trailer break man up offense play

Figure 1.) Run this play anytime your team comes down the field with a Fast Break. The timing of the situation we've illustrated happens quite often. Don't sub here, or you give up the numbers advantage. Any decent team will be able to get at least one Defensive Midfielder back.

Imitate this game situation in practice. Send in your Midfielders from the Midfield Line a few seconds after each other- offense with the ball, then defense, then offense for 5-on-4.

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