box lacrosse 5 on 3 man up play

Box Lacrosse 5-on-3 Man-Up Play

This is an interesting strategy we see Box Lacrosse coaches using any time their team has two extra players because of multiple penalties to cash in on those easy Man-Up scoring opportunities!

We see lots of Canadian and International Box Lacrosse teams using this simpe play to make the most out of those valuable Power Play opportunities. These extra-man goals are easier to score than even-strength 5-on-5 goals in our opinion. Make sure all your players understand how these numbers-advantage game situations work in both Box (Indoor) and Field (Outdoor) Lacrosse!

Even though it's summer tournament season for most of us here at Lax Library, it's also Box Lacrosse season. Box Lacrosse is hands down the best way for our players to improve their stick skills and game IQ! Box games are 5-on-5, which means each player is more involved in the game at any given moment. And the ball never goes out of bounds, so the action never stops!

Multiple penalties happen at least once every game, especially at the youth and more inexperienced levels, so this 5-on-3 play will come in handy. It actually becomes a 4-on-3 scenario, just like a 4-on-3 Fast Break in outdoor games. Make sure all your players understand this common numbers-advantage game situation that is found in both Box and Field Lacrosse!

Use this easy play with your Box Lacrosse teams to keep the ball in your sticks and make sure you cash in on those easy extra g0al-scoring opportunities!


box lacrosse 5 on 3 man up play

Figure 1.) Most teams will "Build a House" for their standard Man-Up Formation. This puts all 5 of your players in shooting position- three players across the top and two down low on either side of the Goal or Goalie.

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